World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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In the Press

Cambodian students in Pearn Rong Commune 08/16/2017 -  World Education Receives World Bank Funding for Cambodia Reach for Reading program
World Education has received a $500,000 award from the World Bank for the Reach for Reading program, which will improve both accountability and transparency in the book supply chain in Cambodia.
Woman collecting bricks at brick factory in Nepal 08/10/2017 -  Combating Human Trafficking in Nepal
World Education’s work to prevent human trafficking and support survivors of trafficking was recently highlighted by The Nepali Times.
World Education New Mobile App for Nepalese Migrant Workers 07/27/2017 -  New Mobile App For Nepalese Migrant Workers
World Education Nepal has launched a mobile app that empowers migrant workers to make safe decisions about foreign employment to reduce trafficking and exploitation.
Children with CBE certificates thumbnail 07/16/2017 -  World Education project in Ghana highlighted for transitioning out-of-school children to school
More than 1,000 out-of-school children in the Tolon District of Ghana have transitioned to school.
Sidekim Foods 06/19/2017 -  U.S. Workplace Education Initiative Continues With Sidekim Foods Partnership
World Education's partnership with Sidekim Foods to offer contextualized workplace English language classes that benefit both the employees and Sidekim Foods was written up in the Lynn Daily Item newspaper.
Ambassadors visit World Education Laos livelihoods project 05/22/2017 -  Ambassadors highlight World Education's livelihoods development during Laos visit
World Education recently welcomed U.S. Ambassador Rena Bitter and Australian Ambassador John Williams on a visit of World Education’s Resilient Livelihoods for the Poor project in Saravane Province, Laos.
UXO survivor on crutches 05/18/2017 -  World Education brings hope and support to UXO survivors in Laos
Since 1973, 20,000 Laotian people have been killed or injured by unexploded ordnance (UXO). World Education helps UXO survivors regain confidence and rebuild their livelihoods.
Beneficiary of World Education's work in Zimbabwe 05/10/2017 -  DREAMS is helping strengthen girls health and resiliency in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe must provide more effective preventative care to vulnerable populations to achieve their goal of an HIV-free country. Read how World Education's DREAMS program is helping fight HIV in Zimbabwe.
Helen Sherpa 04/26/2017 -  Rebuilding Lives after the Earthquakes
Two years after the devastating Nepal earthquake, World Education Nepal country director Helen Sherpa, reflects on how women are recovering.
Children receive education through the Bantwana Initiative's Second Chance Program 04/11/2017 -  Working Toward Education for All in Zimbabwe
The Sunday Mail, a Zimbabwean newspaper, published an article mentioning World Education's contributions to nonformal education in Zimbabwe.