World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Ambassadors visit World Education Laos livelihoods project 05/22/2017 -  Ambassadors highlight World Education's livelihoods development during Laos visit
World Education recently welcomed U.S. Ambassador Rena Bitter and Australian Ambassador John Williams on a visit of World Education’s Resilient Livelihoods for the Poor project in Saravane Province, Laos.
UXO survivor on crutches 05/18/2017 -  World Education brings hope and support to UXO survivors in Laos
Since 1973, 20,000 Laotian people have been killed or injured by unexploded ordnance (UXO). World Education helps UXO survivors regain confidence and rebuild their livelihoods.
Beneficiary of World Education's work in Zimbabwe 05/10/2017 -  DREAMS is helping strengthen girls health and resiliency in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe must provide more effective preventative care to vulnerable populations to achieve their goal of an HIV-free country. Read how World Education's DREAMS program is helping fight HIV in Zimbabwe.
Helen Sherpa 04/26/2017 -  Rebuilding Lives after the Earthquakes
Two years after the devastating Nepal earthquake, World Education Nepal country director Helen Sherpa, reflects on how women are recovering.
Children receive education through the Bantwana Initiative's Second Chance Program 04/11/2017 -  Working Toward Education for All in Zimbabwe
The Sunday Mail, a Zimbabwean newspaper, published an article mentioning World Education's contributions to nonformal education in Zimbabwe.
World Ed sponsors Laos' first ever Wheelchair Basketball Tournament 03/27/2017 -  World Education's TEAM project sponsors the first National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in Laos
A Laos newspaper featured an article about World Education's Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. The initiative is part of World Ed's TEAM project to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in Laos.
WEI World Ed logo 03/13/2017 -  World Education Statement on Immigration Ban
World Education issues a statement on the Administration's executive order on banning immigrants
Clean Cookstoves image 03/13/2017 -  Ghana Clean Cookstoves Training Featured in the Press
A clean cookstove training workshop in Ghana highlighted the effect of the stoves on the environment, climate, forests, as well as people’s health.
Cambodian girls reading on a tablet 03/01/2017 -  World Education Presents at CIES 2017
Join the World Education team for presentations on issues raging from early grade reading to early childhood development. Visit the World Education information table to learn more.
Children and teacher reading Thailand Myanmanr small news item photo 02/21/2017 -  Celebrating International Mother Language Day
World Education joins UNESCO and partners in celebrating International Mother Language Day.
Laotian children 02/10/2017 -  Report Highlights World Education’s UXO Work in Laos
A new report co-authored by Colette McInerney, World Education Laos country director, analyzes explosive remnants of war injuries in Laos to support and inform targeted victim assistance needs.
DREAMS Zimbabwe video small photo 01/23/2017 -  New video showcases DREAMS work empowering adolescent girls
"Dream Again," a new video from USAID Zimbabwe, highlights World Education and our partners' efforts to support adolescent girls and reduce HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa
"Lets Talk Money" Savings video 01/19/2017 -  "Let's Talk Money" savings campaign in Cambodia highlighted
World Education's "Let's Talk Money" highlighted by USAID Mission Director
Students in ESOL class 01/13/2017 -  Sidekim Foods "English for Success!"
World Education is providing workplace ESOL classes to non-native English speaking employees at Sidekim Foods in Lynn, MA through a Workplace Education grant by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
National College Transition Network logo 12/23/2016 -  World Education’s Silja Kallenbach and Ellen Hewett on Adult Success in College
The article, Beating the Odds of College Success for Adults, explores the current realities for adults wanting to enter college and what it takes for them to be ready for college.
Boy reading a book 12/22/2016 -  A holiday message from World Education
This year World Education has made a significant impact in people’s lives through education.
Thai-Burma border visit 12/07/2016 -  Thai and Myanmar Governments Engage to Support Migrant Education
World Education hosted officials from the Ministry of Education, Myanmar, in Mae Sot, to discuss education access for migrant children from Myanmar in Thailand.
Adolescent girl thumbnail 11/23/2016 -  Empower Girls and Women this Giving Tuesday
Make a donation between now and November 29th and your gift will be matched. Help World Education reach our goal of raising $10,000 by Giving Tuesday and double your ability to empower girls and women around the world!
Clean Cook Energy 10/20/2016 -  Ghana News Agency features World Education's Clean Cooking Curriculum
World Education is noted for its commitment to women's empowerment and environmental safety.
globe 10/14/2016 -  World Education Responds to Jeffery Sachs in the Boston Globe
World Education U.S. Division Vice President, Silja Kallenbach, addresses the need for investment in basic adult education and workforce development.