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Part 5 of the We Are Adult Learners series, featuring stories from adult education students originally published for The Change Agent.

The challenge of living a healthy lifestyle may mean something different to adult learners. Higher levels of education correlate with lower rates of chronic disease, such as asthma and diabetes, and fewer hospital visits for children and their caregivers. In the U.S., the odds of reporting poor health are four times greater for low-skilled adults than for those with the highest proficiency.

These adult learners have explored what being healthy means to them, and how their journey to healthier living has affected their lives.

When We Fight We Win:

Fighting For My Life: Dylan knows that sometimes the best way to be healthy is to ask for help.

Talking About Race:

Strategies for Healing: Elizabeth’s journey is to help heal herself and her community when it encounters racism.


Celebrating Sobriety: Annette learns how powerful words can be.

Prison and Justice

Treatment, Not Punishment: Brittanie shares her views on treating addiction as a disease.

All about Food

Fast Food: Bad for Your Health: Igee’s poor eating habits lead to health problems.