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ConnectEd Ignites a Change

Josh during his three-day work experience with Fire & Rescue NSW
Josh* was referred to the ConnectEd program because he was disengaged from school, withdrawn, and anti-social. His attendance was dropping drastically in year 8. When Josh came to ConnectEd, he revealed that he was suffering from a health condition, and that he had been bullied extensively in years 7 and 8. Josh clearly lacked self-confidence and was not able to identify any of his strengths. He also lacked a strong network of friends at school.

Through a ConnectEd personal development program, Josh was able to work on identifying his skills and strengths. It became apparent that he is an excellent team player. Josh participated in a three-day work experience at Fire & Rescue NSW, where he excelled in all of the tasks and showed so much maturity that the fire officers said he would be a great future candidate to become a fire fighter. During the Fire & Rescue NSW experience, Josh was able to bond with some of the other students in the group and form friendships, including one friend whom he now considers his “best mate.” Josh’s self-confidence has improved, and he is not as anxious about fitting in and being accepted. He also feels supported now that he has friends he can socialize with and turn to for support.

In addition, several ConnectEd music workshops enabled Josh’s musical and creative abilities to shine through. He plays the guitar and has started to show some pride in his talent and capability. Josh participated in group drama games, which allowed him to work on his communication and public speaking skills.

Josh’s demonstrated improvement, resilience, and growth throughout the ConnectEd program nominated him for a leadership program within the school. His attendance has improved, and he is more comfortable with himself and accepted by his fellow students. Josh is an excellent example of the deeper impact that ConnectEd can have on the lives of its students.

*Name has been changed