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Coffee and Confidence

JSI/WEI Photo Library Photo
Earlier this year Rachel’s living situation changed when her relationship with her sister made it impossible for them both to live under their mother’s roof, and she moved 500kms north to try living with her father.

During this process, 14-year-old Rachel dropped out of school. As a result, Rachel was referred to World Education’s ConnectEd program, which provides accredited training in hospitality, hands-on experience, and intensive case work to address the issues that young people in the program are facing.

Rachel describes herself as an individual who is initially a little bit shy with new people, but is quick to build confidence and engage. Since being in the program, Rachel believes her maturity level has increased, both as a result of her involvement in ConnectEd and the change in her living situation: “Mum did a lot for me – my washing and cooking and I did not appreciate it, but now I do it for myself, I really do. I have a lot more respect for my mum now.”

JSI/WEI Photo Library Photo
Rachel says her involvement in ConnectEd has given her skills to help her employability in the hospitality industry. She says “[I am] more confident making coffees, I can cook better and have better knife skills.” As a result, her overall confidence has significantly increased.

As part of the ConnectEd program, Rachel applied her skills during two weeks of work experience at a local café. This was a fantastic experience for Rachel and she was offered ongoing casual work. Two months on, Rachel is still working at the café, refining her cash handling, customer service, barista, and other hospitality skills.

This is a great outcome for a young person who had become disengaged from any type of education. She now has recognised qualifications and experience as well as renewed respect for herself and others