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Creating Leaders with Vision

Improving school governance is essential to improving the quality of education for Cambodia's children. In Cambodia, school directors are most often former teachers who have never had the opportunity to pursue further leadership or management training. This means that many Cambodian schools lack clear leadership, vision, and management.

JSI/WEI Photo Library Photo
Mr. Nim Sothea, a participant and Core Trainer for the School Management and Leadership Training Course (SMLTC), proudly displays his SMLTC certificate at the certificate awarding ceremony in Kampong Cham province, Cambodia.

The SMLTC provides school leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively lead their schools and improve the quality of education they provide to Cambodian children.

Photo: Steph Moroney/ World Education
Since 2010, through the support of USAID, the Improved Basic Education in Cambodia (IBEC) project has been working with school directors, local communities, and local government officers to improve the skills of school leaders through a School Management and Leadership Training Course (SMLTC). The training course focuses on working with school leaders to create a vision for their school with the participation of all stakeholders.

Mr. Nim Sothea was a participant and Core Trainer of the SMLTC. In his role as Deputy Director for the District Office of Education in Kampong Cham province, he works closely with the schools in his district. Through the support of the IBEC project, Sothea has enhanced his own capacity as a leader, and is now able to better support the school administrators he works with. At the SMLTC certificate awarding ceremony, Sothea expressed, "as leaders, we need to have a vision and plan of action to achieve our vision."

One of the most important things he learned in the course, aside from leadership training, was the importance of human rights, especially child rights. Sothea strongly feels that "children are the future of Cambodia, and [he is] committed through [his] work to ensure their health and success."

Alongside Sothea, 552 others successfully completed the SMLTC and now possess the capacity to implement a strong vision to lead their schools and improve upon the quality of education for Cambodia's next generation.