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Escaping The Streets Through Technology

Ucay was raised in an orphanage, but by the age of thirteen he was living on the streets. When he was lucky, he was able to find a low-paying job as an office boy, car washer, or operator in an Internet café. Although he had no formal education, Ucay picked up a little English at work, and gained computer skills at the Internet cafés.

One night, Ucay met the owner of a food stall who advised him that he wouldn't get a decent job without an education certificate, and told him about a program called ConnectEd that would help him earn one for free.

ConnectEd, a World Education project and the signature program of the Alcatel-Lucent Foundation, is a three-year global initiative that addresses the factors limiting the work and life options of disadvantaged youth. The program serves 14,600 young people from marginalized communities in Australia, Brazil, China, India, and Indonesia.

Since joining ConnectEd, Ucay has shown a particular interest in multimedia classes. He hopes that by learning computer and multimedia programs, he will be able to combine his passion for music and multimedia to create songs. His talent has landed him a job as an event organizer for ConnectEd partner YABIM, where he has had several jobs shooting and producing film.

Now 15 years old, Ucay's goal is to continue his studies at Universitas Indonesia. His new computer skills and the structure he received through ConnectEd's training increase his chances of finding long-term employment that pays a livable wage.