World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Microfinance and Livelihoods Development

Lack of access to basic financial services and even modest amounts of capital have needlessly prevented the world’s poorest from raising themselves out of poverty.

World Education believes the sustainable, community-based nature of a well-managed microfinance program provides an ideal social platform on which to base a broader development agenda. Therefore our programs take a livelihoods approach to community development, which places access to financial services within the broader social and economic context.

Wherever feasible, our interventions integrate financial services with other services such as business development, nonformal education and skills training, market analysis, competency-based training approaches and institutional governance and management, HIV and general health awareness, and community development activities.

World Education has a strong history of successfully applying its participatory institution-building methodology to the microfinance and small business enterprises sector to help disadvantaged women and men create opportunities for greater economic security for themselves and their families.

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Watch the video to learn about Bantwana's Youth Entrepreneurship and Work Readiness Program in Zimbabwe.


Featured Projects

View details: USAID Okard (2017-2022)

USAID Okard (2017-2022)

USAID Okard works to improve and sustain the independent living and functional ability of persons with disabilities, regardless of factors such as age, sex, gender expression, ethnic origin, cause of impairment, or indigenous status in Lao PDR.

View details: Victim Assistance and Disability Program in Kayah State

Victim Assistance and Disability Program in Kayah State

World Education is reducing the financial burden on persons with disabilities and their families with livelihoods development and opportunities for economic empowerment.

View details: Western Uganda Bantwana Program (WUBP)

Western Uganda Bantwana Program (WUBP)

The Western Uganda Bantwana Program (WUBP) builds the capacity of nine community-based organizations to provide critical services to orphans and vulnerable children in their regions.


Featured Resource







View details: Nepal: From Servant to My Small Shop

Nepal: From Servant to My Small Shop

"I never imagined I'd have a shop of my own," confides Momina Khatun, elated.

View details: Trips to the Field With Grapes for Humanity U.S.

Trips to the Field With Grapes for Humanity U.S.

Under a hot November sun at the Saravane Provincial Hospital in southern Laos, not far from the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Arlene Willis tells the story of how her 19-year-old brother was killed in a landmine accident in Vietnam in 1968.

View details: Adventure Travelers Are Compelled to Support Girls' Education

Adventure Travelers Are Compelled to Support Girls' Education

Bill Connor could not forget what he witnessed in Mali, One of many destinations he visited during his travel to more than 22 countries with Starquest Expeditions.