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Enhancing Book Distribution in Cambodia - Track N Trace

Country: Cambodia

Client(s): World Bank

Services: Assessment, Capacity Building, Education Management Information Systems, ICTs in Education

Expertise: Basic Education for Children and Adults, Information and Communication Technologies

Track and Trace improves the transparency and accountability of the education supply chain by showing the actual location of textbooks throughout the ordering and distribution process. The Track and Trace technology allows government officials, school-level stakeholders such as support committees, parent associations, local partners, and distributors to track, in real-time, the ordering and distribution of books and other supplies to ensure that they reach classrooms in a timely manner and in the right condition. Through the project, World Education will develop a mobile tool that improves end-to-end data visibility of the textbook supply chain in Cambodia while building stakeholder commitment to continued data use.

From 2017 to 2019, Track and Trace was piloted in 416 schools in two provinces. 624 school directors and 832 School Support Committee members were trained on how to submit textbook requests through TnT on their mobile phones, and 100% of school directors submitted their requests within two weeks.

The pilot was such a success that in April 2019, the Minister of Education declared that the government would take over the management and funding of the TnT platform and begin using it nationwide in 2020. To prepare for rollout, WEI and JSI are making further changes to the digital platform and designing a suite of digital training tools for school directors. WEI and JSI continue to provide on-the-job capacity building to the government as they take over the system. 


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