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Reading for All: Disability Inclusive Education for Nepali Children

Country: Nepal

Client(s): USAID

Expertise: Basic Education for Children and Adults

World Education is a partner of Humanity & Inclusion on the Nepal Reading for All Program, supported by USAID. Reading for All is a three-year, $3.88 million activity that works to improve early grade reading outcomes among children with disabilities in grades 1 – 3. Implemented in 5104 community schools in the 16 National Early Grade Reading Program focus districts, the activity strengthens the Government of Nepal’s (GON’s) institutional capacity at the federal, provincial, and local levels to implement its constitutional and policy commitments to disability-inclusive education.

Reading for All has three objectives: improve data quality on children with disabilities; enhance institutional and technical capacity to deliver quality reading instruction and support to children with disabilities; and pilot test inclusive reading instruction models that can be scaled up for specific groups of children with disabilities in Nepal. Reading for All Program, supported by USAID, is implemented by Humanity & Inclusion in partnership with World Education, the Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind, the National Federation of the Deaf Nepal, and the Disabled Empowerment and Communication Center.