World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Teacher Training

Since its inception more than 60 years ago, World Education has been training teachers and education managers, as well as community members and peer outreach workers, to achieve performance goals in the education sector. World Education takes a participatory approach to understand current practices within pre-service and in-service teacher training in a given country.

World Education develops and conducts teacher training in a variety of content areas, from literacy—our founding focus—to early childhood development and numeracy. Life skills—including reproductive health, nutrition, HIV prevention, and protection from trafficking—are also covered so that teachers can nurture and build students' skills that will help them throughout their lives. Training focuses on student-centered teaching methodology, encouraging teachers to adapt their teaching to multiple learning styles and drawing upon students' experience. Participatory, adult learning approaches are culturally appropriate to target populations and improve the quality of teaching.

World Education training programs and materials are education focused, evidence based, and culturally targeted. World Education works with our partners to identify those factors that can contribute to strengthening desired performance and outcomes, and then developing targeted training as appropriate.

To ensure that new teaching strategies, content, and instructional routines become a natural part of a teacher’s daily routine, there needs to be follow-up to this training that will guide teachers in the application of these new skills and knowledge. World Education utilizes pedagogical coaching to ensure that new and more effective teaching approaches are implemented in the classroom.

To measure the effectiveness of our training, World Education builds evaluation into every project. We assess training impact at specific intervals to find out how well participants are applying the skills learned and how on-the-job performance has improved.

Featured Projects

View details: Essential GBV Services and Prevention Project in Malawi

Essential GBV Services and Prevention Project in Malawi

Bantwana is addressing on school-related gender-based violence prevention through an integrated approach that is strengthening the resilience of vulnerable adolescents and their families.

View details: Training Rural Area Community Educators (TRACE)

Training Rural Area Community Educators (TRACE)

The Training Rural Area Community Educators (TRACE) project improved access to and increased the quality of education for vulnerable children in southeast Myanmar by training teachers in Kayah, Kayin, and Shan states.

View details: Ghana Local Language Literacy Pilot

Ghana Local Language Literacy Pilot

This early grade reading pilot program is enhancing mother tongue (Akwapim Twi language) literacy acquisition and improving English as a second language in Ghana.


Featured Resources



View details: Star Scholar Urges Classmates to Stay in School

Star Scholar Urges Classmates to Stay in School

An Mally, age 12, knows that it is very important to attend school regularly.

View details: ConnectEd Ignites a Change

ConnectEd Ignites a Change

Before ConnectEd, Josh lacked self-confidence and was not able to identify any of his strengths.

View details: Shy Teen Finds His Voice and His Vocation

Shy Teen Finds His Voice and His Vocation

The son of extremely poor parents, 17-year-old Rafael* had always studied at public schools in the city suburbs and had always been very shy.