World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Technical Assistance

World Education provides technical assistance to large and small organizations in both the public and private sectors. Applying our extensive experience working with diverse populations and with organizations in various stages of development and capability, we help build their capacity so that they can achieve their stated objectives and performance goals.

Our technical assistance services also help organizations and government agencies that are interested in improving and expanding the services they provide. Most of our clients are community-based organizations, district agencies, or ministries of education, all of which look to World Education to provide comprehensive, integrated, and innovative approaches that yield results which meet their unique needs.

Typically, World Education provides dynamic, continuous, and consistent technical assistance over the duration of a project to help build capacity and strengthen partner institutions. World Education builds capacity at four levels: System, organization, personnel, and community/individual.

For example, at the personnel level, World Education helped create a rapid teacher induction system to cope with rapid turnover within a migrant educational program at the Thai-Burma border.; At the policy level, World Education successfully built a national M&E capacity in the Ministry of Education in Egypt and is currently working to strengthen the external M&E capacity for the Ministry of education in Jordan.

We are committed to incorporating consumer perspectives and input into both policy development and program operations. A significant portion of our technical assistance has focused on developing capacity within consumer-run organizations. We apply our broad and indepth experience by working closely with a full range of stakeholders to develop strong, successful collaborative efforts.

Featured Projects

View details: Women's Leadership: Civic Leadership and Journalism

Women's Leadership: Civic Leadership and Journalism

Women's Leadership is strengthening the presence and voice of women in the media as a way to develop community-level leadership roles for Senegalese women.

View details: Ambassadors' Girls' Scholarship Program (AGSP)

Ambassadors' Girls' Scholarship Program (AGSP)

The Ambassadors’ Girls Scholarship Program (AGSP) provided more than 188,000 scholarships to cover educational costs for 73,000 girls and boys in 13 West African countries.

View details: Project for Local Empowerment (PLE)

Project for Local Empowerment (PLE)

World Education, working with the International Rescue Committee, is bringing educational opportunities to the children of Burmese refugees who have been living in refugee camps along the Thailand border for a decade or more.



View details: Nepal: From Servant to My Small Shop

Nepal: From Servant to My Small Shop

"I never imagined I'd have a shop of my own," confides Momina Khatun, elated.

View details: Helping Girls Protect Themselves in India

Helping Girls Protect Themselves in India

Until two years ago, Vijaya Lakshmi, 14, spent ten hours a day working in the cotton fields earning about 30 cents per day for her grueling work.

View details: Influencing Parenting Behavior through Peep and the Big Wide World

Influencing Parenting Behavior through Peep and the Big Wide World

For thousands of Cambodian parents, like 30 year-old Chay Sinoun, interacting with their young children was not considered an educational opportunity.