World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Public-Private Partnerships

Partnering with the private sector is essential to improving education worldwide because it offers opportunities to make programs more sustainable and allows more people to access them. World Education successfully brings private and public groups together in partnership to achieve goals that benefit all groups involved—in particular the communities they’re trying to reach.

World Education engages private partners in a variety of ways. We work with corporations, engaging professionals to become mentors to students who aspire to similar career paths. By partnering with technology companies, we ensure that learners have access to countless resources available via mobile phones and the Internet. In developing countries, many people’s livelihoods depend on producing goods to sell. We establish direct relationships with the industries that often purchase these goods, so that program beneficiaries can better tap into the global market. World Education has also partnered with companies to provide children with essential items they need to be successful in school, such as textbooks and backpacks, sanitary pads, and shoes.

While we focus on developing and implementing programs to improve the quality of life in developing countries, harnessing the skills and resources of the private sector only serves to enhance our impact.

Featured Projects

View details: COCOALINK


COCOALINK is using mobile technology to communicate important agricultural and social information to cocoa farmers in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. World Education is implementing the project in partnership with Hershey’s and the World Cocoa Foundation.

View details: ConnectEd


The ConnectEd program addressed factors limiting the work and life options of disadvantaged youth by improving learning outcomes, preparedness for the world of work and civic engagement of disadvantaged youth.




Featured Resources





View details: ConnectEd Ignites a Change

ConnectEd Ignites a Change

Before ConnectEd, Josh lacked self-confidence and was not able to identify any of his strengths.

View details: Shy Teen Finds His Voice and His Vocation

Shy Teen Finds His Voice and His Vocation

The son of extremely poor parents, 17-year-old Rafael* had always studied at public schools in the city suburbs and had always been very shy.

View details: Shweta Goes Back to School

Shweta Goes Back to School

Shweta is very loyal to her family, but had never given up her dreams of getting an education.