World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Urban Areas

Access to quality education can be particularly challenging in densely populated urban areas. City schools are often overcrowded with students and understaffed with teachers. Teachers may also lack necessary training, or find themselves underpaid, leading to high turnover rates. Due to prevalent poverty, children may have to forgo school to work, look after siblings, or do housework so that their families are able to survive. These conditions often prevent many children from receiving the quality instruction they need to succeed in life.

World Education works to improve education in urban areas by training teachers to be more effective and designing curricula that target students’ needs. We provide income-generating opportunities so that children are able to fund their schooling, as well as life skills that enable them to find employment after school. World Education equips youth and their families with the knowledge to avoid child labor and trafficking, and we also work with governments to help inform policies against these issues.

Featured Project

View details: Youth on the Move

Youth on the Move

Youth on the Move was World Education's regional safe migration initiative which worked in three countries in Asia: China, Nepal and Cambodia. The Initiative addressed the education and well-being needs of migrant and vulnerable youth.







View details: Building Life Skills and Self-Confidence

Building Life Skills and Self-Confidence

Chhoun La is a 16-year-old girl who lives in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia. Though she is young, Chhoun has faced many hardships.

View details: Educating and Inspiring Girls in Africa

Educating and Inspiring Girls in Africa

Last year, World Education helped 21,000 girls in 12 African countries go to school through the Ambassador Girls' Scholarship Program (AGSP).