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World Education improves accessibility of COVID-19 guidelines in Laos

April 28, 2020

World Education, through its USAID Okard project and the Hands of Hope Center, are improving the accessibility of WHO COVID-19 guidelines for deaf people in Laos by providing video translations in Lao sign language. These videos include how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, details on physical distancing, and how to use masks and hand sanitizer to protect oneself.



USAID Okard, funded by USAID and implemented by Word Education, improves access to quality healthcare and economic opportunities for persons with disabilities in Laos, while also engaging them in policy design and implementation.

As the unprecedented COVID-19 continues to affect lives around the world, World Education programs are adapting to best serve the needs of the community. This pandemic is disproportionately affecting vulnerable people, including those who are hard of hearing in Laos. World Education will continue to make future COVID-19 guidelines and communications accessible for deaf people by adding sign language to online resources.

In Laos, persons with disabilities are among society’s most marginalized populations. Some of the major causes of disabilities in Laos are unexploded ordnances, road accidents and increasingly, non-communicable diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and stunting. Equal access to health and social services will foster inclusivity of persons with disabilities in their communities and allow for barrier-free contributions to society.

For more project details, visit the USAID Okard project page. See the rest of the Lao sign language videos below: