World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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World Education Australia CEO Receives Award

April 7, 2021

World Education Australia CEO Shane Nichols has been named a recipient of Pro Bono Australia's 2021 Impact 25 awards.

World Education Australia, which operates under the business name Good Return, implements livelihood development programs and helps low-income families build their financial capacity and provides tools to help them manage their money and plan for the future.

Shane was voted into the top 25 of the 150 nominees. The award acknowledges his many years of contribution to the nonprofit and social sectors, and across the broader Australian community.

As program director and CEO of Good Return, Shane launched Australia's first online microfinance portal and financial inclusion impact fund for Asia-Pacific, creating innovative partnerships to enable hundreds of thousands of people to build pathways out of poverty.

Shane collaborates across the nonprofit sector through board roles with the Australian Council for International Development and Palmera Projects. He shares his passion for social justice, inspiring next-generation leaders as a lecturer in Macquarie University's Global Leadership Program.

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