Digital Solutions

Developing innovative solutions to educational challenges

Advances in digital technologies, when designed and implemented responsibly, can mitigate a range of challenges in education systems around the world. Our digital learning and educational technology integration work is guided by our commitment to equity, accessibility, excellence, open access, and collaboration.

World Education’s award-winning EdTech Center advances digital equity to enable everyone to thrive as learners, workers, and family and community members in the digital world. We help organizations use technology to increase the reach and efficacy of education and other humanitarian initiatives. We work with educators, local partners, youth, and other system-wide stakeholders in the integration of digital tools in educational programming and promote digital literacy to accelerate learning, develop 21st-century skills, and increase socioeconomic mobility for all.

As a trusted partner of state and national governments, funders, and multilateral organizations worldwide, we build local resilience and ownership by applying inclusive, participatory design approaches to our work. From just-in-time mobile learning for frontline workers to early literacy learning apps, to track-and-trace systems for education supply chains, we help countries and partners build and strengthen education systems.

Two young Cambodian children play an educational game on a tablet.
Open Education & Access

We believe that learning is a human right irrespective of one’s digital literacy skills, educational background, disability, impairment, or income. We apply co-creation strategies with stakeholders who share our goal of developing and integrating open and accessible digital tools in non-formal and formal educational settings. For example, our collaborative, service-learning-based EdTech Maker Space initiative resulted in the development of over 1,000 accessible open educational resources.

Digital Equity

We help organizations access appropriate technologies to improve life and learning outcomes in formal and non-formal education and build resilient education systems. We do this through a combination of research, pilot projects, advocacy, and professional development activities aimed at system-wide transformation. For example, our EdTech Center designed and provides leadership to Digital US, a coalition of 25 organizations in the U.S. working to ensure every individual has the technology and digital skills to thrive in work and life. 

Education Supply Chain Management

We help ministries of education and partners use technology to improve teaching and learning materials supply chains in contexts often characterized by delays, inefficiency, and inaccuracy. We build the capacity of governments to use technology to streamline tasks, collect real-time data, and reward good performance. For example, in Cambodia, through our assistance, the Ministry of Education manages a new digital platform that allows school directors to order textbooks on their mobile phones and that also allows them, school support committees, government staff, and textbook distributors to track ordering and distribution in real time. 

Monitoring and Evaluation

We work with local, government, university, and multilateral partners to gather timely and reliable data to determine if programs are on track and meeting their objectives, and to test new approaches using context-appropriate technology. 

We focus on strengthening capacity to promote data use for decision-making. We integrate mobile- and tablet-based applications for field activities where feasible, and help stakeholders manage digital platforms where data are stored. Our support also includes instrument development and digitization, field testing, indicator development, information system design, policy-relevant data analysis, reporting, and interpretation.



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