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Promoting digital equity and leveraging technology solutions to expand access to education and workforce development initiatives

Digital transformation is shaping the way we learn, work, and live, yet many people lack access to technology and opportunities to develop digital, academic, language, and workplace skills. World Education and its award-winning EdTech Center are dedicated to advancing digital equity and enabling everyone to thrive as learners, workers, and family and community members in the digital world.

As a trusted partner to government agencies, education providers, funders, and policymakers, the EdTech Center is a leader in identifying and applying technology to increase reach and impact. We achieve this through our human-centered design, inclusive innovation, and research-based approaches. For example, we leverage co-creation strategies with stakeholders that share our goal of developing and integrating open and accessible digital toolsin non-formal and formal educational settings.

We seek to reduce barriers to appropriate technologies to improve life and learning outcomes and build resilient education systems. We do this through a combination of research, pilot projects, advocacy, and professional development activities aimed at system-wide transformation.

We believe that innovation happens when organizations with like needs come together to problem-solve in communities of practice. For example, our EdTech Center designed and provides leadership to Digital US, a coalition of 25 organizations working to ensure that people across the U.S. have the technology and digital skills to thrive in work and life. And the IDEAL Consortium provides a venue and activities that support innovation in publicly funded distance education programs across the U.S. 

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