Equitable Access, and Economic and Racial Justice

Increasing equity through adult education

The U.S. faces broad disparities in civic engagement and health, education, and employment outcomes that disproportionately affect Black people and people of color. Persistent gaps in access to technology and opportunities to develop digital, academic, civic, and workforce skills exacerbate these disparities. 

We work to eliminate inequities at program and system levels by providing professional development that critically examines teaching practice; instructional materials that inspire adults to be agents of change; a hotline that connects adults to services; demonstration projects that model ways to redress disparities; and policy proposals that advocate for broad investment in equity-building strategies.

We work to bridge the digital divide for adult learners and workers by engaging the adult education and workforce development systems to upskill instructors, expand access to supports such as digital navigators, and advocate for affordable internet connectivity and devices. And we work to expand education to include the problem-solving, advocacy, and collaboration skills adults need to act civically and hold systems accountable.

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