Integrate in-demand skills into your program: We can make it easy!

August 16th, 2022 | Blogs

An instructor and student at Polytech Adult Education in Delaware, work on Building Integrated Employability and Digital Skills.

Now more than ever, educators and career coaches must prepare people with the in-demand skills they will need to thrive in an ever-changing labor market. Transferable skills like communication, teamwork and collaboration, and critical and creative thinking are essential for career mobility and workplace success, as well as personal growth, civic and community engagement, and lifelong learning.

Integrating these skills into education and workforce development programs can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve collected resources to guide the integration of personal and workplace success skills into all aspects of your curriculum design, instruction and coaching and made them openly accessible through our Personal and Workplace Success Skills Library

We also provide free technical assistance to programs that participate in our Voices from the Field case study development process. We’ll help you select resources that fit your program design and participant goals and help you create a plan for using the resources with program participants to assess, build and reflect on their skills.

Educators that have participated found new ways to:

Create targeted teaching approaches

“Through this process, we were able to become more targeted and structured in terms of how we approached teaching the skills alongside career exploration and goal setting.”

Save valuable planning time

“Time is always an issue with planning so to have it all in one place in the library, and to have support in selecting resources, was invaluable.”

Engage participants in learning

“[Resources from the library] helped me to realize some of the skills I did not know I had.” “[They will] help me in my future to find and succeed at new jobs.”

After a few months of using their selected resources from the library, educators saw enhanced progress, and enthusiasm among participants.  One teacher noted that “students are engaging more on this platform than any other one we are using. I think the badges and the choice of reading levels really keeps them going,” and confirmed “I will continue using this in upcoming classes.”

Students in the SNAP Training and Employment Program in Oregon Earn Digital Skill Badges for Career Mobility.

Another recognized that using a Library resource “was a great jumping off point for seeing how to integrate technology, employability and writing skills simultaneously.” 

Programs that participate in Voices from the Field will receive a $2,000 stipend and receive free technical assistance from World Education’s National College Transition Network staff to select and implement a resource from the Personal and Workplace Success Skills Library. Elevate your education and workforce development program by signing up to learn more about how Voices from the Field and the Personal and Workplace Success Skills Library can work for you.

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