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World Education has been improving education systems and learning outcomes in Ghana since 2001. We collaborate with the Ministry of Education and build the capacity of local partners to focus on gender equity, strengthen the education system and keep children in school.

Today, strong community mobilization, conflict mitigation, gender equity, and inclusion are the core tenets of our work in Ghana.

In schools, we improve the culture of learning and strengthen the professional development of educators. We have trained more than 3,000 educators in Ghana over the past five years, building their skills in effective literacy and numeracy instruction, strengthening the quality and increasing the quantity of teaching. We also work with key stakeholders to develop and improve existing curricula to get children and adults on track and learning at the appropriate level. By combining strong and adaptive program management with monitoring, evaluation, and learning, we implement sustainable interventions that improve education systems and ultimately the lives of people in Ghana.

We work closely with schools and communities to reach out-of-school children—particularly those who are most marginalized—with an accelerated learning program that helps students achieve literacy and numeracy levels that enable them to reintegrate into formal schools.

Our work with communities includes behavioural change campaigns to address topics like violence against women and girls, as well as malnutrition. We are working to establish the skills and support needed in rural communities to strengthen safeguarding practices and ensure safe and healthy environments for children and vulnerable adults.

Prior to and during COVID-19, World Education has improved communities’ access to water and sanitation. World Education has expanded community health service sites and supported the training and supervision of health officers, while promoting safe practices in relation to personal hygiene and good sanitation habits among school children, out-of-school youth and community members.

World Education

H/No.19 LaboneCrescent
Labone Residential Area
Accra, Ghana

Phone: 233.302.78.0051

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World Education has been working in Ghana since 2001.



World Education has implemented 15 projects in Ghana.


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Currently, 23 staff members work at World Education in Ghana.


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World Education strives to build lasting relationships with partners across diverse geographic regions and technical sectors to produce better education outcomes for all.