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In Jordan, we implement youth and education activities, including support to both USAID and the government to assess opportunities for growth in the youth sector. Strengthening the government’s management capacity has been key to setting and achieving youth and education targets.

Since 2019, we have partnered with the Queen Rania Foundation to help the Ministry of Education’s Early Childhood Department design and conduct a DFID-funded project to gather insights from interviews, surveys, and focus groups to inform the design of a behavior change program to help Syrian and Jordanian parents promote their children’s readiness to learn skills. 

In 2011, USAID asked us to evaluate the Youth: Work Jordan project to understand the effects of training and civic engagement on youth employment. With the Mission, we helped the Ministry of Social Development, International Youth Foundation, Jordan Career Education Foundation, the Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development, and Jordan River Foundation measure project impact and recommend ways to sustain progress.

We also equipped the National Center of Human Resource Development department with higher-order evaluation skills and techniques for policy-relevant evaluation and analysis in the education sector. 

We also worked with the government on the 2018-2022 Education Strategic Plan to strengthen its policy, planning, and coordination mechanisms and recommend ways to evaluate its objectives.

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World Education has been working in Jordan since 2011.



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Studying Jordanian and Syrian Parental Behavior Around Children's Education


World Ed at CIES2021: Social Responsibility within Changing Contexts

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