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We work to strengthen the capacity of communities and local institutions to provide a range of services and opportunities to children, youth, and families affected by poverty, limited access to education and health services, and HIV and AIDS. 

In support of the Government of Tanzania’s efforts to reduce violence against women and children and promote the education of girls, we implement the Waache Wasome or Let Them Learn project to help retain adolescent girls in secondary school and provide alternative education pathways to vulnerable out-of-school girls. 

Waache Wasome empowers girls and boys to build key life skills through peer learning and teacher mentorship, to better engage with their education and set achievable goals. We train teachers and school governing bodies to prevent and respond to gender-based violence, and work across schools and communities to transform negative beliefs and practices that normalize gender-based violence, child marriage, and discrimination against girls and women.  

We also work with parents and caregivers of adolescents—to build economic resilience and support for girls’ education through savings and lending groups and to improve family dynamics through training on positive parenting and violence prevention. 

Our Bantwana Initiative began operations in Tanzania in 2010, providing comprehensive services to orphans and vulnerable children and has since worked in partnership with JSI and the Government of Tanzania to develop the HIV-sensitive National Integrated Case Management System (NICMS). 

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World Education has been working in Tanzania since 2005.



World Education has implemented 6 projects in Tanzania.


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Currently, 10 staff members work at World Education in Tanzania.


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