SABES Program Support Professional Development Center: Educational Leadership and Educator Effectiveness


MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education


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At World Education, our Program Support Professional Development Center (PSPDC) Educational Leadership and Educator Effectiveness team understands that educational leadership makes a difference and has a significant correlation with high quality teaching and student achievement. Our professional development (PD) is designed to build the capacity of directors to cultivate an inclusive culture of shared ownership and accountability through collaborative leadership that engages all stakeholders, including teachers, students, and community partners.

Adult learners need and deserve high quality instruction from effective teachers, and research has shown that the single most influential school-based factor impacting student achievement is teacher quality and effectiveness. For this reason, the PSPDC supports programs in adopting a six-step Educator Growth and Effectiveness model that capitalizes on collaboration and promotes evidence-based learning.

To strengthen educator effectiveness, our team also supports educators who pursue the MA ABE Teacher’s License. Through our well-planned and blended system of online courses and individualized coaching, we support License-seekers who undertake the inspiring experience to deepen their knowledge and improve their practice.

The SABES PSPDC Educational Leadership and Educator Effectiveness work is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to support the 1,100 teachers, advisors, and program directors in the Massachusetts AE system. Each year, these educators work with 18,000 adult learners, particularly those with barriers to employment, to identify and achieve their family, civic, education, and career goals.



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