Safe to Learn: Creating a Safer Learning Environment in Nepal’s Schools


Fund to End Violence Against Children



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Global evidence suggests violence in and around schools poses barriers to student retention and learning. As part of the Safe to Learn initiative under the Fund to End Violence Against Children, World Education aimed to prevent violence against children and adolescents in schools, homes and communities through a multi-pronged approach:

  • At the policy level, World Education coordinated with GoN’s Center for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD) to orient Provincial Education Focal Persons and local government staff on forms of violence against children, and reinforce knowledge of and practices based on the Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) Master Plan. Through building government stakeholders’ understanding on the harms of violence against children, elected officials expressed commitment to enforcing child protection policies in schools and incorporating strategies to promote safer and more inclusive learning environments in the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and other education plans.
  • At the school level, World Education trained Head Teachers and school teachers on how to respond and prevent incidents of violence against children and how to create safer learning environments. The project also supported youth leaders to establish peace circles (student-led groups) to build student capacity on conflict resolution and violence prevention in school, and increase community awareness on the harms of gender-based violence and violence against children.
  • Through increased community engagement and dissemination of advocacy materials, World Education aimed to shift social norms and behaviors that affect learning and a safe school environment.

Impact in numbers:

  • Trained 212 government officials and engaged 65 local governments in Madesh, Lumbini, Karnali, and Sudurpaschim province.
  • Built the capacity of 853 head teachers and local level representatives.
  • Trained 500 teachers in conflict-free classroom training.
  • Established 183 youth-led peace circles and engaged 2,895 youths.
  • Engaged 672 school communities through advocacy events and dissemination of materials and media.
  • As part of advocacy materials to increase awareness on prevention of child violence and bullying, 20 audio jingles were produced and broadcasted nationwide through 32 local FM radio stations, airing 26,880 times and reaching 193,000,000 audience members. Other social media campaigns also reached 474,465 users on Facebook and YouTube.

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