Community HIV Counseling and Testing: A Handbook on Participatory Needs Assessment

This document provides guidance for conducting community HIV counselling and testing, an approach that uses existing community competencies in dealing with HIV in general, and HIV counselling and testing in particular. The COHCT concept is premised on the knowledge that HIV counselling and testing is an entry point into HIV prevention, care, and support and that communities have a primary role to play in HIV/AIDS interventions.

This handbook provides a menu of tools that development agencies/service providers can choose from to facilitate planning for a community HIV counselling and testing process as well as care and support initiatives within communities. The strength of this handbook is that it blends participatory learning and action approaches to enable the user put HIV/AIDS programming on the community agenda. It contextualizes HIV and AIDS beyond the (traditional) health facility level, enabling consideration of the social and economic factors inherent in HIV/AIDS interventions. Kasaija, Josephine and Nsabagasani, Xavier (eds) JSI/UPHOLD Programme. 2008

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