ConnectEd Third Semi-Annual Report – April 2012 – September 2012

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Since ConnectEd began in April 2011 the program has reached 12,513 youth. In Year 2, in the first six months ConnectEd has reached 8,801 youth. This report summarizes the activities and successes of the program for the first six months of Year 2.

Two thirds of the program’s beneficiaries have been female, and all target youth come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Digital inclusion and literacy have had a strong focus, and 7,261 youth have been accessing ICT under the program and developing their skills in numerous ways. Increasingly, ConnectEd implementers are embedding ICT into everyday teaching, learning and program management, enhancing the quality and relevance of the learning taking place, as well as boosting youth motivation to study. 4,682 in-school vulnerable youth have benefited from interventions such as coaching and scholarships to keep them in school, and 1,560 out-of-school youth have had access to nonformal education (NFE) services, such as basic literacy classes. 4,390 youth are getting themselves better positioned for decent employment through technical training, work experience and life skills courses. ConnectEd is keeping these vulnerable youth in school and in its programs, with retention rates at near 100% for most countries so far. Employee engagement is forging ahead nicely. So far this year at least 922 employees have got involved, benefiting 3,264 youth.

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