Digital Resilience in the American Workforce: Findings from a National Landscape Scan on Adult Digital Literacy Instruction

With the urgency of adult digital skill development as a backdrop, the Digital Resilience in the American Workforce (DRAW) initiative, funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE), conducted a national landscape scan to identify existing resources and effective approaches for digital skills development, skill definitions and frameworks, assessment, and practitioner professional development. This report’s findings will inform the design of forthcoming professional development for adult educators by answering this primary research question: What training resources and approaches are most relevant for educators seeking to increase digital literacy and digital resilience for an adult learner population?

The DRAW Landscape Scan used a mixed-method approach that combined and analyzed insights from a wide range of sources, including interviews with experts, focus groups with adult learners, questionnaires, a literature review, learner input, and a market scan.

The scan’s main findings are organized in six thematic sections. This report will be supplemented by deep dives providing more detail and discussion on learnings from the scan across the thematic areas:

  • Defining Digital Skills and Resilience
  • Advancing Digital Inclusion and Equity
  • Instructional Approaches and Practices
  • Digital Skill Content and Curriculum
  • Assessing and Validating Digital Skills
  • Professional Development for Practitioners

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