Parental Behaviors in the Early Years – Phase 1

A child is ready to learn when he or she has the physical, cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioral competencies needed to learn at a developmentally appropriate level. In early childhood—ages 0-5 years old—the most important relationships are those within the family, especially between the parents and child.

World Education completed a study in December 2021 in partnership with Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development and the Ministry of Education to understand Jordanian and Syrian parents’ practices related to their role in preparing their children for learning. Data from interviews, a national household survey, and follow-up focus groups uncovered the barriers and drivers to parenting practices, the sources that inform Jordanian parents’ beliefs about their role in their child’s early learning and the role models (cultural, personal) that inform their parenting. The study's findings were presented to the Ministry of Education's Early Childhood Department and the information is being used to determine the best levers for supporting positive parenting behaviors as well as the key individuals or local organizations that would make useful partners to promote parents’ role in readiness to learn in Jordan.

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