POLICY BRIEF – Assessing Jordan’s School and Directorate Development Program (SDDP)

This policy brief presents principals', supervisors', teachers', and students' views on schools' and directorates' compliance with the SDDP program and the degree of “fidelity” with which SDDP has been implemented regarding teaching and learning practices, school environment, parental involvement in schools, participatory leadership, field directorate and supervisors’ support to education improvement, and program sustainability.

Although many stakeholders rated schools and directorates' level of compliance with SDDP principles as high or very high, there was significant variation in perception among stakeholders. Many reported the need for improvement in key areas, such as expansion of technology use in classrooms and availability of teaching materials, increase in financial resources for schools to implement action plans, inclusion of students in the decision-making process at the school level, legalization of resources contribution by parent-teacher council, and active participation of supervisors as coaches. Focus groups with MoE staff revealed the level of coordination at the MoE should improve to ensure effective implementation and sustainability of SDDP across the Kingdom. World Education, 2014.

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