Project for Local Empowerment (PLE) Snapshot

The Project for Local Empowerment (PLE) was a USAID-funded, six-year project that served displaced and conflict-affected people from Myanmar. PLE was a partnership between the International Rescue Committee, Mae Tao Clinic, The Border Consortium, and World Education that supported a network of over 40 community-based organizations to provide life-saving health and education services, food security and livelihoods assistance, protection assistance including women's protection and empowerment, and organizational development. PLE was guided by the core principles of partnership, complementarity, convergence, evidence-based approaches, innovation, advocacy, and protection and gender mainstreaming.

PLE worked with displaced and conflict affected people living in four states and two regions in Southeast Myanmar as well as migrants and refugees living in four provinces and nine camps on the Thai side of the Thai-Myanmar border.

This snapshot presents an overview of PLE's approaches and partnerships as well as program results. World Education/PLE Consortium, 2016.

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