Reaching Beyond the Clinic: Improving and Sustaining Viral Load Suppression for Children through Community Case Management in Uganda

The 68% viral load suppression (VLS) rate for children and adolescents with HIV (C/ALHIV) lags behind adults (92%) (MOH 2021). Poor pediatric VLS is due to a complex set of clinical, structural and interpersonal dynamics that extend beyond the clinic and require close coordination with clinic partners and interventions at the community level.

As the OVC lead of the USAID/Integrated Child and Youth Development Activity (ICYD), the Bantwana Initiative of World Education uses a structured community-based case management approach to follow up unsuppressed C/ALHIV at home. Through continuous upskilling of community cadres, regular data sharing, and case management, we are addressing the root causes of unsuppressed viral loads.

From March 2021 to March 2022, the percent of children virally suppressed rose from 0% to 94%.

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