Refugee Integration Education Review

In the context of refugees and refugee return, education services are provided by a range of actors – it is a complex mosaic spanning two countries, with many layers and levels of dialogue. Through relationships with providers on both sides of the border, and along with roles in chairing refugee education meetings, coordination and facilitation, World Education Thailand developed a strong understanding of the complexities associated with this return process, to a region engaged in a peace process and to a country engaged in a national education reform.

This report builds on this work, and the range of institutional experiences garnered by World Education and a range of providers. As the PLE project drew to an end, this report was commissioned to take stock of the current situation for refugee children’s schooling through a lens of refugee return, and to review the key issues impacting a successful return in order to inform respective current and future stakeholders.

This Refugee Integration Education Review was designed to assess the dynamics of the future return of refugees within the context of education to broadly identify the educational interests and hopes of refugee families upon return to Myanmar. It also looks to uncover potential and existing challenges for children aiming to access various forms of education, and begin to explore the current situation in areas of return, including existing gaps and opportunities.

Findings from this review have been used to develop recommendations in the areas of service provision, policy engagement and planning, information management, coordination, state/regional-level engagement, and student and teacher recognition. In doing so, this report aims to offer pathways toward solutions to ensure the continued provision of quality, recognized education for refugee children and youth returning to Myanmar. To aid accessibility and momentum, and in particular for audiences familiar with refugee education, the recommendations are put forward at the outset. World Education, 2017.

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