Remote ESOL Case Study: Thematic, No- To High-Tech Remote ESOL Program – Second Start, Concord, New Hampshire

Second Start is a non-profit organization established in 1971 in Concord, New Hampshire. In addition to the adult ESOL program, Second Start offers adult basic skills classes, high school equivalency programs, an alternative high school for students ages 14 to 20, a childcare center, and a driving school for new Americans. ESOL classes, which range from beginning to high- intermediate levels, offer support with career navigation, advising, and for meeting basic non-academic needs. Second Start also manages a volunteer tutor program, linking students to an individual learning opportunity with a volunteer from the community.

This case study features Second Start's remote ESOL program design during COVID and student onboarding and persistence supports. It also highlights teachers' approaches, digital learning and supports for children's basic needs, among others, while also providing indicators for effectiveness.  

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