Strategic Approaches to Girls Education Child Safeguarding Helpline

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As part of creating a safe, empowering environment for girls to learn, Strategic Approaches to Girls Education (STAGE) has established channels to report any form of abuse. Besides community based reporting mechanisms, a national Helpline has been set up. The nationwide helpline provides an alternative to the community based reporting mechanisms that have been established in the project. Not just girls who experience abuse call the helpline. A large number of calls come from girls, facilitators and others who want to know more about STAGE. But, how is this perceived by the girls themselves, and, what are the lessons learned? This brief provides an overview.

STAGE is currently advocating for the uptake of safe vetting of community based CBE and Vocational training personnel as well as the installation of community based reporting mechanisms outside of the project. Using lessons learned from our Helpline intervention, we aim to discuss with partners how to strengthen Referral Mechanisms to support survivors of abuse.

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