Waache Wasome Out-of-School Support Groups (OSSG) Intervention Overview

When a girl drops out of secondary school, her life changes radically. Her livelihood prospects diminish; she becomes more vulnerable to poverty, exclusion, and exploitation; and her physical and mental health often suffer. If she has dropped out because of pregnancy, her challenges are compounded by social stigma and the need to care for her young child.

World Education/Bantwana’s Out-of-School Support Group (OSSG) model promotes positive outcomes for such adolescent girls and young women, who are among the most marginalized groups in Tanzanian society. The simple, yet structured OSSG approach is youth-centered and incorporates essential life skills training, health and child-care knowledge, and income-generation skills development. Meeting weekly in community-identified “safe spaces,” OSSG members share experiences, support each other, and learn from trained adult mentors.

Under the USAID-funded Waache Wasome project, OSSGs have reached nearly 1,900 girls and young women in five councils of northern Tanzania — helping them to reclaim agency, rebuild their lives, and embark on a pathway out of poverty.

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