Window of Hope Revised Trainee Manual

While the rate of HIV infection in Ghana is relatively low (2.7%) compared to that of many other African nations, this figure corresponds to the state of the epidemic in some African countries only 10 years ago. With the threat of this epidemic in mind, this trainee manual was designed as a guide for future teachers enrolled in Ghana's teacher training colleges (TTC). Produced by the World Education Strengthening HIV/AIDS Partnerships in Education II (SHAPE II) project, in partnership with the Ministry of Education/GES and USAID, this training guide promotes behavior change among teachers and pupils to prevent new cases of HIV infection in schools, and reduce stigma.

Teachers reach vast numbers of young people in and out of school, and represent one of the most critical allies for safeguarding children. Their death can also have a negative impact on large numbers of children and youth, since teacher absence jeopardizes education. Youth represent a great opportunity for change in Ghana, and in this context, the phrase "Window of Hope" refers to the youth population (ages 5-15) that has yet to be infected with the AIDS virus. Building relevant knowledge among TTC trainees by incorporating HIV and AIDS information and teaching methodology into the TTC syllabus can help protect both students and teachers from HIV infection. (World Education & Ghana Ministry of Education, 2006)

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