World Education’s TEAM Project Sponsors First National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in Laos

March 27th, 2017 | News

World Education’s TEAM project recently sponsored the first National Wheelchair Basketball Tournament in Laos, attracting media attention and raising awareness about disability inclusion and support services available for persons with disabilities.

The Lao News Agency published an article about the tournament, which took place at the Vientiane International School on March 18th, 2017, and was attended by the U.S. Ambassador to Laos, Rena Bitter. Ms. Bitter shared her thoughts on the U.S.’s efforts to improve the lives of persons with disabilities (PWD) in Laos, saying, “The U.S. Government is committed to supporting the integration of persons with disability into society, working to remove barriers, and helping people improve their quality of life.”

This sentiment is demonstrated by World Education’s continued action to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in Laos through the TEAM project. The project focuses on four major components that contribute to advancing the status of PWD: Training, Economic empowerment, Assistive technology, and Medical and physical rehabilitation. The USAID-funded project spearheads initiatives like the Wheelchair Basketball Tournament to showcase the vitality and skills demonstrated by people with disabilities, and further their integration into equal participation in society.

World Education has long worked in partnership with NGOs and government entities to strengthen the disability sector in Laos and improve services for people with disabilities. World Education provides formal skills training to medical service personnel to improve service delivery to PWD, including making assistive technologies available, to improve evidence-based practices and increase the involvement of female medical personnel. We also increase economic empowerment opportunities for people with disabilities and their primary caregivers by providing them with livelihood skills training and job placement services in relevant businesses and trades.

Watch a video from the tournament on YouTube and read the article, U.S. Supports Wheelchair Basketball in Laos on the Lao News Agency website.

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