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Man in Laos completes rehabilitation exercises with supervision of a medical professional

World Education Joins the WHO’s World Rehabilitation Alliance

3 young children play learning games on a tablet around a table

Leveraging EdTech to Support Students with Disabilities in Nepal

3 young girls gather around a phone resting on top of a book and do learning activities

Putting Goals before Tools: Locally Led Approaches for Technology in Education

Young girl in Ghana sits at a desk in a classroom in her school uniform with a smartphone on the desk in front of her with the Google Read Along app on it

The Exciting Impact of our Google Read Along Pilot on Girls’ English Proficiency

A reading club facilitator points to words hanging on the wall with a pointer as a young girl stands in front of them and practices reading

Why Bilingual Education is Key to Improving Learning Outcomes in Mozambique

Digital banner for 2023 mEducation Alliance Symposium "Inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders everywhere!" September 11-14 in Arlington, VA

World Education at mEducation Alliance Symposium 2023

Strengthening education and improving lives around the world

Our international work improves the education, social, and economic security of people worldwide. We focus on literacy, access to education for women and girls, community engagement, and conflict resolution to increase the quality and equity of education systems. Our expertise in this field ensures that people around the world have access to learning through local management and sustainable partnerships with local organizations.

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Advancing equity through education to support adults, their families, and communities

Our US Division improves the availability, quality, and capacity of adult education and workforce programs to respond to evolving economic and community contexts and advance equity. We drive sustainable solutions to barriers to opportunities and strengthen systems through professional development, coaching, technical assistance, and research. We help adults develop the skills they need in close collaboration with a range of public and private institutions.

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“In all aspects, the [World Education] project exceeded expectations and surpassed original target numbers, despite the short project timeframe and challenges associated with COVID-19.  Colleagues working on the project were creative and flexible, preempting mitigatory measures to ensure project activities continued.”

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End Violence Partnership

“Adobe is proud to be working with World Education. They’ve been an invaluable boots-on-the-ground partner helping us to test our reading tools in the Adult Learning space.”

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“ECMC Foundation is proud to support and partner with World Education’s National College Transition Network (NCTN)  for their leadership to advance issues related to career and technical education and single mothers.”

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ECMC Foundation