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AI Literacy: For Everyone, Everywhere

Portrait of Art Ellison

Remembering Art Ellison

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Collaborating to Catalyze Digital Access Opportunities

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Press Release

AT&T and World Education Collaborate to Catalyze Opportunity Through Digital Access and Upskilling

A community gathering in northern Mozambique where leaders sit at the front in a line of chairs and community members sit across in at tables

Generating Sustainable Livelihoods and Strengthening Social Integration in Mozambique

Man and woman stand in a field with animals in the back ground and talk, Benin

Citizen Science to Build Climate Resilience through Biodiversity Conservation in Northern Benin

Strengthening education and improving lives around the world

Our international work improves the education, social, and economic security of people worldwide. We focus on literacy, access to education for women and girls, community engagement, and conflict resolution to increase the quality and equity of education systems. Our expertise in this field ensures that people around the world have access to learning through local management and sustainable partnerships with local organizations.

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Advancing equity through education to support adults, their families, and communities

Our US Division improves the availability, quality, and capacity of adult education and workforce programs to respond to evolving economic and community contexts and advance equity. We drive sustainable solutions to barriers to opportunities and strengthen systems through professional development, coaching, technical assistance, and research. We help adults develop the skills they need in close collaboration with a range of public and private institutions.

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“In all aspects, the [World Education] project exceeded expectations and surpassed original target numbers, despite the short project timeframe and challenges associated with COVID-19.  Colleagues working on the project were creative and flexible, preempting mitigatory measures to ensure project activities continued.”

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End Violence Partnership

“Adobe is proud to be working with World Education. They’ve been an invaluable boots-on-the-ground partner helping us to test our reading tools in the Adult Learning space.”

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“ECMC Foundation is proud to support and partner with World Education’s National College Transition Network (NCTN)  for their leadership to advance issues related to career and technical education and single mothers.”

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ECMC Foundation