World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Civic Participation

There is a strong correlation between education level and civic participation and voting. College-educated adults are three times more likely to vote than those with less than school diploma. Civic education prepares people for participation in a democracy. This might include English and civics lessons for newcomers who seek citizenship, or lessons about voting, current social issues, and representative democracy. Civics lessons serve as a venue for not just comprehending, but also critically examining policies and systems that affect adults’ lives. They build adults’ skills and confidence for both individual and collective civic engagement.

World Education develops resources and projects that help educators engage adult learners in becoming active members of their communities and informed decision-makers in a democracy. To that end, World Education publishes the social justice magazine, The Change Agent, and offers workshops, webinars, keynote presentations, and customized technical assistance on ways to integrate civic action with the learning of basic academic skills.

Featured Projects

View details: The Change Agent Online Publication

The Change Agent Online Publication

The Change Agent is a biannual magazine for adult educators and learners that features narratives written by adult learners on topical social issues and promotes social action as an important part of the adult learning experience.

View details: Voter Education, Registration and Action (VERA) campaign

Voter Education, Registration and Action (VERA) campaign

The Voter Education, Registration, and Action (VERA) campaign is a non-partisan effort aimed at educating adult learners about voting and the topical electoral issues, and mobilizing them to vote.




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