About Us

Unlocking Opportunity through Education

We are education development experts who believe that everyone has the right to a high-quality education. Our work is driven by the belief that education is a powerful tool to improve the quality of life and increase economic opportunities for people worldwide.

Our programs create and strengthen equitable access to services that support people’s individual and collective needs—whether that’s people with disabilities, those in rural communities, women, immigrants and refugees, or adults who need foundational skills. Our programs improve adult education, build early-grade literacy, help displaced people, mitigate the effects of HIV, and reduce gender-based violence. Equity and inclusion drive our work.

World Education is dedicated to improving people’s lives around the world through education, social and economic development programs.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team supports our culture and technical excellence.

Nepali school girls sit at their desks in a classroom smiling.
Members of our Zimbabwean team at a meeting in 2019.

Our Experts

We are professionals who are recognized for our technical excellence; commitment to education, social justice, and client satisfaction; and contributions to global learning in adult education, education system strengthening, and community development.

Our Impact

World Education has reached millions of people with limited or no access to education in more than 50 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and the United States. Learn more about our work in our annual reports.

After completion of GATE class, some girls choose to attend SEEP class where they learn about business and finance.
Old black and white photo of young women walking into a school building in India. Shows Literacy House, the organization that expanded to become World Education

Our Founding

Founded in 1951 in Lucknow, India by Welthy Fisher on request of Mahatma Gandhi, Literacy House trained community members in literacy and agricultural management. The vision of Literacy House was to improve lives through education – a vision that remained as we became World Education, and one that carries us into the future, expanding our work to reach more individuals.

Partner with Us

World Education strives to build lasting relationships with partners across diverse geographic regions and technical sectors to produce better education outcomes for all.