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Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities (LD) are neurologically based disorders that affect learning processes, such as the acquisition and development of the foundational skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. LD persists throughout the life span. An estimated 60% of adults with severe literacy problems have undetected or untreated learning disabilities (National Adult Literacy and Learning Disabilities Center). Adult educators find it challenging to provide instruction to adults with learning disabilities and to foster the self-determination and self-advocacy skills that adults need as they transition to college and careers.

World Education staff are trainers for Learning to Achieve, an evidence-based LD professional development system for adult education. We offer training in eight modules: definition of LD; self-determination; legal issues, self-disclosure, and confidentiality; explicit instruction for strategy learning; reading disabilities; written expression disabilities; content learning; and workforce preparation strategies. We also provide workshops and technical assistance on how adult educators can better communicate with and use low-cost technology to support adults with learning disabilities.

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