World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Reading and Writing

Reading and writing are foundational skills. We know that large numbers of adult students need to improve their reading and writing skills to be successful in attaining a high school equivalency credential, entering and making progress in college, and/or advancing in a career.

World Education has been closely involved in research and professional development in evidenced-based reading instruction for adult literacy students for the past two decades. Our staff were the original members of the Adult Reading Comprehension Study research and dissemination teams, serve as national STAR and LINCS trainers, and helped to develop standards for Massachusetts learners and content standards for teachers. They have taught expository writing and developed writing instruction methods that incorporate authentic tasks and materials.

Teachers struggle with choosing effective and efficient ways to develop adults’ reading and writing skills. To that end, we design and offer professional development workshops and online courses, technical assistance, and publications. We are also available to consult on standards development, both for teachers and students.

Featured Project

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The Change Agent Online Publication

The Change Agent is a biannual magazine for adult educators and learners that features narratives written by adult learners on topical social issues and promotes social action as an important part of the adult learning experience.






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Bamboo Resilience

"To that young teenage mother who was the high school dropout with low self-esteem who often whispered in my ear, ‘We can’t do this.’ …Oh yes we can! We just did!"