World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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Teacher Effectiveness and Educational Leadership

Several studies have established that teachers’ content knowledge and competence drive student success. Teacher effectiveness, in turn, is greatly affected by the program’s educational leadership that sets the school culture, and recruits, orients, and supports teachers.

World Education helps program directors learn how to design and implement effective adult education programs that enable teachers to help adult learners meet their educational, family, career, and personal goals. World Education helps educators increase their effectiveness with online resources, professional development, and customized technical assistance.

Featured Projects

View details: SABES Program Support Professional Development Center

SABES Program Support Professional Development Center

The SABES Program Support PD Center provides support in program management and educational leadership, career pathways, advising, digital literacy, cultural competence, ADA resources and training, and professional licensure support

View details: IDEAL Consortium

IDEAL Consortium

Raising the quality of blended and distance online learning across the United States through new educational technology innovations and collaborative research and practice.

View details: New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC)

New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC)

NELRC strengthens adult literacy services in New England through sharing and collaborative projects among adult literacy professional development providers, practitioners and policy-makers.


Featured Resources



View details: Musings on Collaborative Leadership

Musings on Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative leadership focuses on the skills, qualities and knowledge needed to successfully cross organizational boundaries and achieve results through resources outside one’s control.