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Personal and Workplace Success Skills Digital Library

Geographic Scope: Nationwide

Client(s): ECMC Foundation

Service: Publications

Expertise: Career Pathways, College and Career Readiness

The National Collect Transition Network (NCTN) is developing a Personal and Workplace Success Skills Digital Library to advance adults’ college and career readiness and college success. The library presents electronic and print materials and resources and technology-enabled tools that support the development and application of personal success skills. The resources are grounded in research and practice and provide actionable strategies for implementing them. NCTN uses the term "personal and workplace success" skills to refer to a set of critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, self-management, and emotional intelligence skills. These skills are also referred to as soft skills, employability, 21st century, lifelong learning, and human skills.

The primary target audiences are adult education, postsecondary, workforce development, and occupational training providers as well as adult career pathways and bridge-to-college / on-ramp program providers. Secondary audiences include employers and funders. The purpose is to engage the target audiences to learn about and actively apply conceptual frameworks and related strategies for developing personal success skills in order to advance college and career readiness and success. Application includes assessment, instruction, and coaching. With a laser focus on promoting end-users’ understanding and application, we will review and select resources using criteria such as evidence of effectiveness; accessibility and affordability for the target audiences; and usability and alignment with different program models, instructional practices, and target audiences.