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Adobe & World Education - Readability for All Partnership

Geographic Scope: Nationwide

Client(s): Adobe

Expertise: Integrating Technology in Learning, Reading and Writing



World Education’s EdTech Center is working to improve the readability and accessibility of digital text for adult learners around the world with Adobe, Readability Matters, University of Central Florida and other partners. Our team supports the field testing of Adobe Acrobat Reader's new feature Liquid Mode in adult literacy programs across the US. Liquid Mode is a free tool built into mobile versions of Adobe Reader. Using it, users can change characteristics of digital text in PDFs to align with their preferences. What we learn in these settings will support Ed Tech Center advising Adobe on Liquid Mode product development, support resource content, and Adobe's dissemination strategy targeting adult education and workforce development providers. More broady, we'll share our findings in a range of publications and in national conference presentations. 

Our field testing ensures that the needs of adult literacy learners are considered in Liquid Mode design and functionality. Our goal for this effort is to put a potentially powerful tool for making reading easier into the hands of adult literacy learners in the US and worldwide.