World Education is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through education, and economic and social development programs.

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As part of our commitment to build the capacity of the adult education system, World Education creates and publishes a diverse array of products. World Education publications in the United States provide practical, evidence-based information for adult educators, counselors, administrators, and policy makers. Our Change Agent magazine is developed for adult learners and includes articles by adult learners and others.

Read World Education Publications from our work in the United States:

Change Agent Issue 45: Career Pathways
Students have a lot to say about career pathways, and we are proud to share their perspectives in this first-ever exploration of the topic from a student point of view. Hear what they have to say about the challenges and opportunities they face as they work to achieve their goals, share their hopes and moments of regret as they learn and grow from their sometimes twisted path toward a career. Hear from young people just starting out, older students switching careers, highly skilled immigrants who need new credentials, and those for whom available career pathways don’t quite align with their dreams.

This document compares pathway maps, lattices, and roadways as well as study graphs and charts that encourage critical thinking about job prospects. Support your students to pursue research that will teach them about jobs and careers, as well as how to connect with resources. World Education, 2017.
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Research-based Adult Reading Instruction
Research-based Adult Reading Instruction provides comprehensive instructions for facilitating a ten-hour study circle exploring differing theories of the reading process, the four major components of reading, the implications for teaching, and the development of learners' reading profiles.

Research-based Adult Reading Instruction is available online or in hard copy with a $25.00 fee to cover shipping and handling. It includes a copy of Understanding What Reading Is All About and a DVD of the Adult Reading Components Study Panel Discussion. NCSALL Teaching and Training Materials. World Education, July 2005.
The College Transition Toolkit
The College Transition Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to program planning and implementation that draws on the expertise of practitioners from the New England ABE-to-College Transition Project and from around the country. The Toolkit is a CD with a flexible, navigable, HTML format that enables you to move easily between chapter topics, accompanying documents, and online resources. $30.00. World Education, 2008.
Through the Lens of Social Justice: Using The Change Agent in Adult Education
Are you looking for ways to explore social justice themes while building skills and addressing immediate student goals? Here's a resource that will help you bring popular education and social analysis into the contemporary adult education classroom.

Through the Lens of Social Justice is a collection that celebrates The Change Agent's first 10 years of providing social justice resources to adult educators. The book is both a gathering of The Change Agent's best and most timeless pieces and a guide for educators on how to use the journal in their classrooms.

$18.00. Edited by Andy Nash. 200 pp. World Education, 2006.

Featured Project

View details: MA ESOL Standards Revision

MA ESOL Standards Revision

MA ESOL Standards revision to align them with the national College and Career Readiness and English Language Proficiency Standards allowing the field to be guided by one integrated standards document for more consistent programming across the state.






Featured Resources



View details: Marco, Terry, and Taywana Teach Us about Resilience

Marco, Terry, and Taywana Teach Us about Resilience

Resilience is something that we all innately possess, but there are ways adult educators can encourage its development.

View details: Using the Technology Issue of The Change Agent to Teach to the College and Career Readiness (CCR) Standards

Using the Technology Issue of The Change Agent to Teach to the College and Career Readiness (CCR) Standards

The Change Agent has a long history of using socially relevant material to teach reading, writing, and math. Learn how to use the Technology issue in your classroom.

View details: 'Back to School' When Much More than a Summer Has Passed: Helping Adults Navigate the Complicated World of College

'Back to School' When Much More than a Summer Has Passed: Helping Adults Navigate the Complicated World of College

Adults who want to go to college—particularly adults who have been out of school for a long time—generally have no support system.