A Landmine Survivor’s Small Business Success

June 22nd, 2018 | Stories

Kyaw Tint of Ma Bi Lay village, Bago Division, Myanmar was one of twelve landmine explosion survivors to attend a two-day World Education livelihood training in July 2016. While there, Kyaw Tint learned skills he needed to run a small business, including money management, investing, and saving money for emergencies. He also connected with other landmine explosion survivors and learned more about his rights as a person with a disability. Upon completion of the training, Kyaw Tint received an in-kind grant of four goats.

Kyaw Tint lost both of his legs below the knee after stepping on a landmine while collecting food from the forest in 2004. After the incident, Kyaw Tint struggled with depression, secluding himself from his family and community. When World Education staff first met Kyaw Tint, he was working hard to support himself through a broom-making business but was struggling due to steep competition in the area. But when the staff returned to Ma Bi Lay village in December 2016 for a follow-up visit after Kyaw Tint’s trainings, he was applying the skills he learned to create a new business. He now grows his own fruits and vegetables, and with the profits from his broom-making business and his goats, he started another business that sells stoves that he makes in his own home.

What is most admirable about Kyaw Tint is his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to be as independent as possible. He is constantly thinking of new ways to support himself, whether teaching himself new skills or coming up with creative solutions to grow food in his compound. At this point, there is not stopping Kyaw Tint: “If I am sitting, nothing will happen,” he said. “I am quite pleased with my efforts.”

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