AT&T and World Education Collaborate to Catalyze Opportunity Through Digital Access and Upskilling

April 4th, 2024 | Press Release


World Education and AT&T have announced an expanded collaboration to close persistent digital divides and catalyze digital transformation through integrated digital access and literacy services within varied community based organizations. With generous support from AT&T, World Education will support AT&T’s Connected Learning Centers (CLCs) in diverse communities to advance digital equity, inclusion, and resilience.

“Emphasizing a holistic systems-based approach, the essence of digital inclusion lies in fostering community members’ trust in host organizations that encourages them to seek CLC services and guidance to help them navigate the digital landscape to achieve their professional, personal, and educational aspirations,” underscores Priyanka Sharma, Vice President of World Education.

We are honored to work with AT&T and support their commitment to bolstering digital equity across the country, magnifying the reach and impact of initiatives aimed at bridging the digital divide,” she adds.

CLCs are housed within local non-profit organizations supporting communities in need. The goal of the centers is to help tackle the digital divide by providing free access to a range of digital resources for students and families all under one roof, including: high-speed AT&T Fiber internet, Wi-Fi, Dell computers, free education resources, and tutoring and mentoring from AT&T employees and other community leaders.

The impact of CLCs in these organizations is tangible. The team at CLC host organization CitySquare said, “CitySquare is in one of the most impoverished communities in Dallas, and many of our neighbors do not have access to computers or internet services. The Connected Learning Center (CLC) is helping to bridge a gap for our neighbors by providing them access to computers and the internet, along with digital literacy classes on various critical topics. The CLC is an incredible addition to the resources on our campus and to our broader community of neighbors.”

Round graphic explaining digital navigator services AT&T’s new investment represents an evolution of its ongoing collaboration initiated last year with World Education and CLC host organizations in Dallas, TX; Detroit, MI; Los Angeles, CA; and Tupelo, MS.

Together, we have embarked on a transformative journey to co-create a robust framework for assessing community assets and fostering digital access and upskilling. Central to this endeavor is integrating digital navigation services within these communities. Digital Navigation, a comprehensive service delivery model, offers tailored, real-time assistance to community members seeking internet access, cost-effective devices, technical support, and participation in digital skills training workshops.

We are excited to be part of the innovations that each of the CLCs will pioneer, empowering their communities to leverage technology effectively in pursuit of their aspirations. Together, we strive to forge a brighter digital future accessible to all,” said Mylayna Albright, Assistant Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at AT&T.

The collaboration between World Education and AT&T will enhance the digital skilling in more than 50 CLC host organizations and the communities they support. We aim to bolster their capacity to navigate and harness emerging technologies effectively. These CLCs encompass a rich tapestry of urban, rural, and tribal environments, each bringing unique perspectives, strengths, and challenges. Together, we will foster a vibrant community of practice, sharing innovations, strategies, and insights to collectively propel digital advancement.

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