Closing the Digital Divide & Transforming Distance Education

September 16th, 2020 | Blogs


The EdTech Center @ World Education rapidly mobilized resources to safeguard education, mitigate disruptions, and support programs during the COVID19 education crisis. Watch this video developed by ECMC Foundation to learn more about our global efforts to close divides in digital skills, technology and Internet access and enable everyone to continue to learn, access social and health services, and information. The video spotlights some of our ongoing activities since the onset of COVID-19 closures, including:

  • Free coaching and technical assistance through weekly Distance Education Strategy Sessions. We have had more than 1,200 sign-ups for these sessions to date and over dozens of hours of coaching and support. We are committed to offering these as long as needed and identifying ways to expand access to them through recordings and virtual communities of practice.
  • The launch of our website, Tips for Distance Learning, featuring resources and step-by-step guidance to launch or scale-up distance education programs. The site is updated daily and includes guidance on the first steps to take in planning successful implementation (recruiting, onboarding, teaching, and assessing learners), and locating and evaluating online learning resources. Since the launch in March, we have had over 85,000 page views, 37,000 visitors and 2,500 downloads of our guides and related resources site wide.
  • Our work with digital learning content providers, such as Cell-Ed, to ensure their content aligns with the needs of learners. Our partnerships with providers also ensures that teachers and programs have access to special offers available during the pandemic.

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